What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a mental state that  appears from the outside similar to sleep but is actually a state of heightened but very focused awareness. It is a state in which awareness of  surroundings (peripheral awareness)  is diminished. In a hypnotic state critical thinking is reduced, which allows for higher suggestibility, usually accompanied by physical relaxation.

What conditions have been proven to benefit from Hypnotherapy?

There is scientific evidence that hypnotherapy can help in weight reduction, smoking cessation, pain control, nausea from medication, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks and skin conditions. Hypnotherapy may be helpful in many other conditions and challenges, that have not yet been researched.

Can I lose control or possibly commit a crime, while hypnotized?
Even when deeply hypnotized, you still maintain a sense of control and some  awareness of your surroundings. There are studies that show that a person can not be forced in a hypnotic state, to do something that violates their fundamental values; however, In the hypnotic state a  person is more open to suggestion and hence hypnosis should be done in a safe environment by a professional hypnotherapist.

Can I learn to hypnotize myself?
Yes. This is an essential part of the treatment. Once you master the skill, you can use it to achieve relaxation, stress reduction, and improved concentration. You can focus on a single specific goal using predetermined suggestions to meet your needs.

Can anyone by hypnotized?
No, but most people can. In order to get therapeutic results, all you need is a mild hypnotic state. If you are one of those that cannot be hypnotized, you will know after the first session.

What  should hypnotherapy NOT be used for?
hypnotherapy should not be used  to recover lost memories, particularly from possible sexual trauma. There is clear evidence that memories recovered in hypnosis are not reliable. People who have had psychotic episodes in the past should not undergo hypnosis. A professional should determine if hypnosis is suitable for you.

Who should do hypnotherapy?
When seeking hypnotherapist, look for a mental health practitioner who has an advanced degree and holds a current state license and who has taken additional training in clinical hypnosis.