Body Image

Recommended book:
The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks
body image is a major concern and source of depression for women, and sometimes men. Women always seem to think that their body is not “right”. It is either too fat, too thin, not fit enough, or not according to barby model. Many women do not let themselves live until they get to their “ideal” weight, which means they let their life pass by. Well, life tend not to wait for them. This dissatisfaction with their body is a major cause for low sexual desire for women.

This workbook is designed to help people accept and love their own body, just as it is now.

Strangely enough, once people accept their own body, they tend to lose weight more easily often reaching their  optimal weight, according to their body type, which may be far from their original idealized image.