If you feel the need to heal and grow, remove the barriers that get in your way to a happier relationship and a more fulfilling  life, psychotherapy can help. Often it is not possible to attain your full potential without some guidance and counseling.

My strength as a therapist lies in my ability to adapt myself to my clients’ personality, needs and goals. I believe in integrative psychotherapy. This is why I invested time and effort to train myself in a variety of approaches. I am trained in techniques ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy, relationship counseling,  hypnotherapy, sex therapy,  to psychodynamic therapy. If you want to learn more about me, read my blog, or the page that lists my credentials.

My broad experience, both personally and professionally, allows me to help my clients achieve their goals. I take active role in therapy, as I do not believe in the benefit of long awkward silences. My style is compassionate, direct, and practical.

Above and beyond all the techniques and theories, I believe that the cornerstone of therapy is honesty. In therapy you can really be yourself, and feel accepted.  I believe that honesty and acceptance will help you access your own  wisdom and creativity  and help you guide yourself to a better life.

Asking for help, when you need it, is a sign of strength.

Journey to recovery